Welcome to the rules! Read them carefully.

  • Please don't include any pornography or sexual content on chat, pages, userpages, or anything of a sort. Many of us here are uncomfortable with those things.
  • Vandalism and spam is strictly forbidden.
  • No discrimination, racism, sexism, or prejudice. This hurts others feelings and you will be blocked if it continues.
    • This includes most racial and sexual slangs (eg. n*gga, f*g, etc).
  • Swearing is allowed, but as stated before, some swears are forbidden.
  • If you're younger than 13, you will be blocked until your 13th birthday. Please note this is not our rule, it's wikias rule.
  • Please don't complain if your blocked, banned, or because of the rules being "unfair", especially its from a different wiki. If you feel that the block is wrong, please be civil about it.
  • Please don't barge into message walls, unless you ABSOLUTELY NEED to say something.
  • Sockpuppetry is forbidden. This means when you create another account to avoid a ban or you create an account to impersonate someone.
  • Criticism is highly accepted here, but please be sure of how sensitive the creator is and the status of the oc your critiquing.

  • The general rules apply to the chat as well.
  • If someone is uncomfortable with the conversation, please stop, if they continue, report it to a chat mod or admin.
  • Spamming is forbidden. It can lag other people's computers.
    • This includes "clearing" the chat.
  • No sexual or inappropriate RPs or conversations (unless it's a joke). Keep it to PM, but if someone doesn't want to, DON'T continue.
  • Like general rules, swearing is allowed, but slang words aren't.
  • If you have an argument with someone, bring it to PM. There are exceptions, however.

  • Admins, chat mods, etc, must use there rights correctly. This means;
    • Abusing your rights.
    • Blocking/banning someone just because you don't like them.
  • Blocks should go by this order;
    • Minor Offenses;
      • First offense: 2 hour ban
      • Second offense: 1-3 day ban
      • Third offense: 1-3 week ban
      • Fourth offense: Months
      • Final offense: Years-infinite
    • Major offenses;
      • First offense: Days or Weeks
      • Second offense: Months
      • Third offense: Years-infinite
    • Vandalism and underage people DO NOT count for these offenses. Vandals will be blocked infinite and underaged will be blocked until there 13th birthday.
      • However, sockpuppets count.

  • Coming soon

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